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We farm and produce Red Abalone in accordance with the requirements of our clients
We use 100% natural raw materials, and our processes follow high quality standards
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Why to choose our product?

We have a vast experience that goes all the way to the beginnings of the XX century, experience that has grown bigger in seafood processing through four generations, working many products in different formats and presentations.This trajectory has seen the positive and the negative sides, and give us the necessary experience to be able to overcome with not much difficulty the challenges that we face.

More than 20 years we’ve been working on abalone, starting at its conception, following with the fattening process, to finish it all with the elaboration of Canned and Frozen products, products that reach many markets, mainly Asia, continent that we sell to continuously since 2005.

More than 8 million produced cans

Continuous exports since 2005

FDA approved plant and process

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Our Clients

Delivering the best Quality
Shingen Foods
Teck Sang Pte
Wing Tai Hong Marine Products Ltd.
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